What are the Side Effects of Coconut Oil?

By Soon Chai

More and more people get to realize the positive health effects of coconut oil. It is indeed very good for us because I've proven its power of healing myself. Upon flu infection, drinking coconut oil out of the jar helps me recover in 2-3 days. My wife has tested. My cousin has tested. So are the many people around me who have used coconut oil for other antimicrobial treatments.

However, coconut oil can cause bad side effects especially in the detox aspect if you use it in the wrong way or you're unaware of its anti-toxin prowess.

Side Effect #1 — Diarrhea-Like Symptoms

Apart from the fact that coconut oil cures constipation (lots of "constipators" said coconut oil works extremely well for them), it may also trigger the opposite condition — diarrhea-like symptoms if you suddenly increase your oil consumption too much.

That's because MCFAs in coconut oil help to soften stools and loosen bowels.

If you want to increase your coconut oil consumption for better health benefits, add it in moderation day by day and monitor to see if there's any sign of bad reaction or side effects. Doing so also allows your body to gradually get used to the greater amount.

The traditional Pacific islanders are eating as much as 10 tablespoons of coconut oil in their daily diet, I don't see why we can't be like them. The key difference is they've long been used to eating that amount while we're not, so we have to moderately raise the dose to condition our body to adapt to it eventually.

Side Effect #2 — "Acne Outbreak"

Numerous people have used virgin coconut oil to effectively clear their acne-prone face, help them close up the pores and fade off the acne scars to make the skin smoother and flawless. But few people do get an even worse acne outbreak condition with coconut oil. Why?

The anti-toxin properties in coconut oil are so powerful that they purge out layers of toxin deep from underneath your skin, so it may appear to you that you're getting worse from using coconut oil, which in fact is a healing crisis — you get worse before you get better.

If you can hold on to the outbreak for up to few weeks (depending on how much toxin you've built up beneath your skin), you should be able to reap the benefits of better skin after that.

Other Side Effects

On the surface, it may seem that coconut oil can harm some people but which in fact, similar to healing crisis as in the case of acne treatment, it's actually bringing its antimicrobial effect into play.

For example, coconut oil is very effective in killing Candida yeast. During the "massacre", you may experience a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. In other words, when the bugs die, they expel toxins which can get absorbed into your system and cause all kinds of problems, including nausea, headache, dizziness or stomach upset etc.

That said, if you do experience unusual side effects or reactions with coconut oil, it means something bad must have been lurking deep inside your body or in your skin for ages that coconut oil has to immediately deal with. It's actually a good sign.

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